If you think you're suprised, you should have been at the brickyard!
Rambler 6 at Indy
A lot of eyebrows went up went up when the Navarro Engineering Special was rolled out for test runs. The mere idea of a Rambler-powered Indy "500" car trying to clock in a better than 160 mph left the wags limp with laughter. But when they learnes that the engine was producing 550 bhp at an easy 6000 rpm, they began to wonder.

Les Scott passed his rookie driver's test with ease, and then clocked lap speed of better than 150 mph..the fastest Six ever at Indy. People started talking. And asking questions. "We didn't choose Rambler engine for sentimental reasons" says Barney Navarro. "We choose it because we knew it was a rugged engine that would run hard for a long time."

The Rambler Six he chose was the basic 199 cu.in. engine that comes in the car you can buy for $1839. Navarro used a stock head, rockers, block and a seven main-bearing-crank-shaft; plus a stock cam that was reground. Further modification from there, plus turbosupercharging, brought the horsepower up to competitive level.

So how come you didnb't see it in the starting lineup? With time running out, the turbocharger and carburator combination never did get ironed out to cover the range of rpm's needed. And Rome wasn't bilt in a day.

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